Nothing to See Here

I know the Citizens’ United ruling wasn’t a major change from earlier campaign funding regulation. I know the spending freeze will not be nearly as sweeping as it sounds and is probably just ‘politics.’ I know Bernanke’s reappointment was unsurprising despite everything. I know most of the international aid does get permission to land at Port-au-Prince, and that the U.S. military is ‘providing invaluable assistance’ in addition to securitizing it in the U.S. national interest (which is itself, of course, not unprecedented). I know the¬†selection of Bush and Clinton as point men for this operation is not that weird if you think about it. I know both that the Goldstone report isn’t saying anything that wasn’t obvious to everyone and that Israel and the U.S. could never find it acceptable.

I even know that Barack Obama ran as a centrist.

So really, media, you can stop talking nonstop about how unsurprising, how ordinary, how banal the steady erosion of democracy is. I know.


4 Responses to “Nothing to See Here”

  1. We KNOW, baby, we WIRED you…

  2. That media, always crackin’ wise.

  3. anxiousmodernman Says:

    This is filed under Apocalypse Porn?

  4. but it’s their job to watch and comment as the whole shithouse falls down… What better way to watch the end of the world than from on yer couch and on your flatscreen?

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