Short story award

goes to a friend of mine, who has a story up here that unfortunately bears resemblance to an upcoming José Saramago novel. I think it should still be shopped around, as it is quite good, also my views on plagiarism are notoriously lax outside of educational environments (you’ve all been warned). But you can judge for yourself.

The common theme, the end of death (also shared by this fun low-budget French film), can be contrasted with another preoccupation, the end of reproduction. Both seem concerned with the suppression of generational succession, a humanity dealing with a world they illegitimately still inhabit. The consequences in both cases are determined by struggles over dwindling resources. An exaggeration of what is happening already. The common denominator in these attempts to imaginatively identify with future generations who will have to bear the brunt of our failures is that they not exist.

The equalization of physical suffering and guilt, contained in the same characters rather than distributed unevenly across time and space (as it is now).

Add this to the idea now entering the mainstream of va_p_res and their ilk losing their critical distance on society, and it would seem that the romance of the undead is under serious reconsideration.


3 Responses to “Short story award”

  1. Hello, the black and white image above who is the artist?

  2. traxus4420 Says:

    you know i’m really not sure. it’s from the 2nd edition of the manual for the roleplaying game vampire: the masquerade.

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