Do not even begin with zero (a mathematical fable)

Not-yet-one traveled.

Not-yet-one encountered.

Not-yet-one separated.

“Nothing,” called Not-yet-one.

But the source of the encounter was unclear.

So Not-yet-one resumed movement.

Then Not-yet-one had a second encounter, and separated for a second time.

“Nothing!” cried Not-yet-one.

The source of this encounter was also unclear.

By the time of the third encounter, Not-yet-one was ready.

“NOTHING!!!” he screamed.

Nothing replied.

So he laughed, and in that moment recounted his past, becoming One.

One was powerful because once he stood alone, originary, capable of infinite derivation.

He was only beginning to discover his potential.

But he would forever remain uncertain, for in the severest joy of his existence he had forgotten himself.


5 Responses to “Do not even begin with zero (a mathematical fable)”

  1. Jonquille de Camembert Says:

    That’s quite nice and also interesting, because unclear.

  2. Jonquille de Camembert Says:

    I think maybe it’s the Terminator, but it might be Arnold Schwarzenegger. They both did some of this, although only the latter had to remain sub-uber–hadn’t been watching out for those ‘higher-man’ types that cramp the style.

  3. traxus4420 Says:

    maybe a little from column A, a little from column B

  4. traxus4420 Says:

    A = Terminator, B = Arnold Schwarzenegger

    Really I find this interpretation more cryptic than the ‘koan’ itself, which is just a very generic fable structure re-interpreted in math lingo (linking term = ‘generic’), popped into my head after reading Badiou. But as any math dude will tell you, numbers don’t mean anything.

  5. Jonquille de Camembert Says:

    Of course I thought so, but after ‘severe joy’, I was taking no chances. Oh dear, it’s true, math dudes might think such a thing.

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